Overview: Edit

Tribespeople die for three reasons; old age, starvation, and exhaustion. Whenever someone dies, a tombestone is left where they died. When it is clicked on, it shows the name of who died, how old they were, and why they died. This tombstone can be moved around the island, or permanently deleted.

Old Age Edit

When a tribesperon reaches 70 years old (generally), they become likely to die at some point from old age. Generally, tribespeople die between the ages of 70 and 85, although some die as young as 68 and as old at 95. This can be counteracted by using the fountain of youth age reversing potion (mushroom + fountain water + gold relic) on a tribesperson 65 years old or older.

Starvation Edit

When the tribe has run out of food, if food is not added to the tribe's food pile, tribespeople will start to die. The potion vegetables + rain + moondust used on any tribesperson will make the whole tribe feel full, giving the player more time to gather enough food for the tribe. Any tribesperson can die of starvation.

Exhaustion Edit

If the tribe does not have huts, or not enough huts for the tribe population, tribespeople will begin to feel so tired that they fall asleep on their feet, and will only move if a hut becomes available for them to sleep in. If a hut does not become available, eventually they will die of exhaustion. Only adult tribespeople can die of exhaustion. (confirmation needed).